Spiritual Outdoor Adventures

10:30AM Saturdays

Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites is an award-winning national and international television series. SOA is currently entering into its 21st Season on the air, and is one of the highest rated and most widely watched outdoor shows in the US.

It is also popular in Russia and Ukraine, and airs across Canada and other countries outside of the United States. More than just a hunting show, Dr. Sites loves to incorporate famous people who are willing to share their faith journey, as well as historical stories from the regions where they are filming.

He and his crew film all across the world, bringing home adventures from the remotest areas, including the middle of the Amazon Jungle.

Spiritual Outdoor Adventures is also one of the first outdoor shows to weave in animation in many episodes through the popular cartoon segment Kids Korner Outdoors with Jimmy Sites. It’s a must-watch for the entire family!