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12:00 AM Atlanta Live Wretched TV Atlanta Live
12:30 AM Ozzie and Harriet
1:00 AM The Canton Jones Show My Little Margie Bonanza
1:30 AM Relentless Faith Invisible Man Mr. & Mrs. North Public Defender Dragnet Sherlock Holmes
2:00 AM The Walk TV Movie The Adventures of Kit Carson Gabby Hayes Show
2:30 AM Northwest Passage Stories of the Century Frontier Doctor Shotgun Slade Annie Oakley Judge Roy Bean
3:00 AM Products for Healthy Living Products for Healthy
3:30 AM Through the Bible with Les Feldick Living
4:00 AM Club 36 Nite Line Club 36
4:30 AM
5:00 AM Products for Healthy Living
5:30 AM Radiant TV
6:00 AM Awakening Hour Beverly Exercise
6:30 AM Time for Hope Oasis Ministries Products for Healthy
7:00 AM Charles Stanley Babbie’s House Living
7:30 AM Beverly Exercise Hiring America
8:00 AM Evangelistic Outreach Pastor Robert Morris Ready, Set, Renovate
8:30 AM Tim Hatch Live Through the Bible with Les Feldick P. Allen Smith Garden Style
9:00 AM Transformed By Grace The 700 Club Ultimate Outdoors
9:30 AM Brother Dave Lombardi Jimmy Houston Outdoors
10:00 AM Pastor Robert Morris Bible Discovery with Rod Hembree Jimmy Houston Adventures
10:30 AM Joyce Meyer: Battlefield of Mind Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack Spiritual Outdoor Adventures
11:00 AM Through the Bible with Les Feldick Your Health with Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker Lindner’s Angling Edge
11:30 AM The Pastor’s Study The Master’s Table
12:00 PM In His Word Know the Cause with Doug Kaufman Kentucky Afield
12:30 PM Billy Graham Classics Today’s Wild West
1:00 PM Paid Programming The Dr. Asa Show Expedition: Texas
1:30 PM Rod Parsley Babbie’s House A Steadfast Journey Create Your Now Friends & Neighbors The Master’s Table Lindner’s Angling Edge
2:00 PM Prophecy USA Voices of Victory Lifestyle Magazine God’s View with Charlene Unapologetic On The Move Chasing Down Madison Brown
2:30 PM Manna Fest with Perry Stone Evangelistic Outreach Paid Programming Paid Programming Pastor Benny Presents Recovery Today Small Town Big Deal
3:00 PM The Walk TV Movie

Products for Healthy Living

Life Outreach
3:30 PM Dog Tales (E/I) Beverly Hillbillies The Lucy Show Roy Rogers Show Medic Paid Programming
4:00 PM Think Big (E/I) America’s Heartland (E/I) Awesome Science Scaly Adventures (E/I) The Dr. Mitch Show (Live) Products for Healthy Living
4:30 PM i-shine KNECT (E/I) Eliz. Stanton’s Big World (E/I) Animal Rescue (E/I) Biz Kids (E/I)
5:00 PM Answering the Call CBN Newswatch Heroes Among Us
5:30 PM Gospel Truth PIJN NEWS Jimmy Bowen & Friends
6:00 PM Love Worth Finding Heroes Among Us Tennessee’s Wild Side Laura McKenzie Traveler Michigan Out of Doors Faith on Film Celebration with Pastor JT Guyton
6:30 PM David Jeremiah Red Back Revival Sing Along My Heart is in Carolina Gospel Music USA Positively America Josh & Ashley Just Keep Singing
7:00 PM Robert Jeffress Manna Fest with Perry Stone Phipps Faith Family Freedom Randall Terry Paid Program Freedom Alive Down Home Gospel Classics
7:30 PM Life Outreach Oasis Ministries Appearing Tonight
8:00 PM Rod Parsley Jay Sekulow Live! American Center for Law and Justice Gospel Music USA
8:30 PM Manna Fest with Perry Stone Red Back Revival Sing Along
9:00 PM Allen Jackson Ministries Paid Programming Billy Graham Classics Prophecy USA The Walk TV Movie Love That Bob Josh and Ashley
9:30 PM David Jeremiah Joseph Prince Paid Programming Perry Stone I Married Joan Southern Glory
10:00 PM From His Heart David Jeremiah Robert Jeffress Rod Parsley Make Room for Daddy Gaither Homecoming
10:30 PM Paid Programming Life Outreach Create Your Now Allen Jackson Ministries Paid Program
11:00 PM Amazing Facts Gaither Homecoming Las Vegas Tonight
11:30 PM Joyce Meyer or Life Outreach

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