Friends and Neighbors


Thursday, November 26: Sandra Onal is joined in the kitchen by Chef Hollywood who demonstrates how to prepare Shrimp Ceviche and Shrimp and Grits. (Episode #940)

Thursday, December 3rd: Dr. Rick Redd shares about his book titled All-In or Nothing. Wanting to win and striving  to achieve your personal best with the hope of winning are two completely different desires. This book lays out a  step-by-step process for doing the latter. This system is well organized, practical, and a tremendous aid to athletes,  students, musicians, artists, engineers, plumbers, housewives, grandparents, or anyone who honestly desires to  manifest their God-given destiny. (Episode #947)

Thursday, December 10th: Author Rick Schatz hopes to shift these perspectives with Ordinary People Extraordinary  God: 17 Personal Stories of Lives Transformed by the Love of God, a collection of inspirational true stories of  everyday people who answered God’s call to service. (Episode #948)  

Thursday, December 17th: Sue Duffield talks candidly about her new book on faith and humor, Suebiquitous: (A  Humorous Travelog of an Unfiltered Saint), “It’s an all over the place stage-to-page journey only God could  orchestrate. It’s a hilarious adventure that will have you laughing, crying and experiencing the supernatural.”  (Episode #869)  

Thursday, December 24th: Mike Berry, a husband and father of eight adopted children, co-creator of the award winning blog Confessions of an Adoptive Parent and the adoptive and foster support site Oasis Community,  understands the rollercoaster ride of raising adopted and fostered children. He will be sharing about his book, also  titled Confessions of an Adoptive Parent. (Episode #867)  

Thursday, December 31st: A reunion of hosts past and present share funny stories from the twenty year history of  Friends & Neighbors in Part One of this three-part anniversary special. (Episode #877)