Friends and Neighbors


Thursday, February 18: Bob Krech shares about his baby girl who was born at 23 weeks and weighing 450 grams ( 4 grams less than a pound!). She was not much bigger than her dad’s hand and the doctor at the birth advised his wife to just hold the baby and keep her warm until she passed on. Instead, the Krech’s put their trust in God and their own faith to the test, and they share their journey in this special book titled A Little Faith. (Episode #955)

Thursday, February 25: Derron and Amy Delaney were devastated when they discovered they could not have biological children together, but that has been a front row seat to multiple miracles. They have parented ten children, six of which are special needs children. One child’s set of circumstances led to the adoption of another and before they became a family, the kids were already intertwined and destined to become brothers and sisters. (Episode #885)

Thursday, March 4: By the time he turned 30, Billy Max Ferg gave his life to Christ and was “saved to the bone” as he describes it. He preached on street corners, in more than thirty countries, prayed for people he didn’t know and saw God work in unexplainable ways. Ferg recounts dozens of stories of salvation or healing from physical and emotional ailments. His book is When Jesus Shows Up, Miracles Happen. (Episode #957)

Thursday, March 11: “Until the very end much work remains to be done. There’s a race not only to be run, there’s a race to be won,” says Pastor George Shamblin. While most evangelicals believe it is their responsibility to share the Gospel, barely more than half actually did so in the last year. He is the author of The Relay: Passing Along Your Faith in the Race to Save Christianity from Extinction. (Episode #958)

Thursday, March 18: Tony Sutherland is the author of The Grace Made Marriage. No marriage is perfect. That’s why there’s GRACE! God’s Grace makes a marriage all it can be. It not only strengthens marriages, it also saves marriages. Whether your marriage is interstellar or on the edge of unraveling, Grace is the answer! (Episode #793)

Thursday, March 25: Kelli Stuart, author of Life Creative, celebrates the ways mothers can live their art in the midst of mothering. By following God’s leading to embrace His gifts, renaissance moms can model the joy of obedience for their families. Also, author Sue Dowell shares her story of overcoming mental illness by her faith in God in the book, The Dark Has its Own Light. (Episode #795)