Jeff Fuller never thought he’d end up on television, but then again, he never thought his pet Labrador Retriever would be the start of a nationally-recognized breeding program either! Aspiring to a career in law enforcement, Jeff put himself through college at the University of Wisconsin – Madison by enlisting in the Army Reserves. After graduating with a psychology degree, he began to work his way up through the law enforcement industry in southeastern Wisconsin. Working as a sergeant for the City of Muskego, Jeff’s career came to an abrupt end in a squad car accident in 2005.

Jeff’s constant companion, a chocolate lab named Lily Belle, became the inspiration for a new career.

Soggy Acres Retrievers kennel was born, and creating a solid Labrador retriever breeding program became Jeff’s focus for the next several years. As the breeding program gained ground, speaking engagements and seminars followed, and invitations for television appearances on shows such as Outdoor Wisconsin came next. Looking at the available –or lack of available – quality family-oriented programming on the major outdoors networks gave Jeff the idea of creating his own show, and SportingDog Adventures was born in 2009. The show is designed to appeal to the whole family by engaging their interest in sporting dogs and the outdoors lifestyle. The show differentiates itself by remaining family-friendly and dog-centric in an era of hunting television that’s become flashy, foul-mouthed, and full of showmanship.

SportingDog Adventures stays true to its mission of providing family-friendly entertainment by literally involving the entire Fuller family on-air. In addition to the family’s dogs, both Jeff’s wife Kate and his three boys contribute to nearly every episode, participating in hunts, learning conservation tips, cooking up the latest quarry, and of course, working with the dogs. In addition to providing business management to both Soggy Acres Retrievers and SportingDog Adventures, Kate is a new hunter and a life-long dog enthusiast that viewers can follow as she masters new hunting challenges and dishes on ladies-related issues in the Ladies Corner segments. The Fuller boys, Clayton, Cole, and Cal, capture the attention of the youngest viewers and aim to encourage other youngsters to get out in the field. When not hunting, the entire family can be found food plotting, fishing, or (unfortunately) cleaning kennels!