Cheyenne Country

In the beginning, the idea of producing a Family-Friendly television show was discussed between two good friends, Harrison Tyner (“HT”) and Bill Traylor – both with strong faith and a passion for Music that Inspires and Entertains.

Tyner’s background being the Country Western Music arena and Traylor’s being Southern Gospel Music, they determined to join together and produce the TV Show known as Cheyenne Country. Initially, the show centered only on Faith-Based Music but through fan response and over time slowly evolved to what it is today.

Though still based on Christian Faith, the show now offers Patriotic and Country Music with Inspirational Lyrics and Messages for the whole family. In time the partners desired to develop another TV show which focused completely on Southern Gospel Music. Tyner’s BellaVerde Films LLC owns and produces Cheyenne Country.

Traylor continues as Consultant and wrote: “I’m proud to say Tyner is Executive Producer of the Show and given his extensive Country and Western Music background and Christian faith, I’m convinced the Show is in good hands and the future is bright for Cheyenne Country”. Country Music, Inspirational Messages and Pure Family Entertainment and Fun – This is Cheyenne Country with your Hosts, Jennifer Herron and Rich Price.